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Digital Marauders




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I can’t believe Lil B followed digitalmarauderss on twitter lmaoo

Because I’m based


Disclaimer: If I sound like a stan its because I am. 


Have you ever heard of an artist that simply cannot miss? No matter how many songs he releases there has not been a single back track which is remarkable. PND first appeared on the scene 2013 with his first tape appropriately titled “PARTYNEXTDOOR”. No one knew what to expect but for those of us who listened we knew that we struck gold. Some people may still ask “Who is PARTYNEXTDOOR? I’ve never heard of that group before,” If you do hear this please refrain from smacking that son in the face. Simply play “Persian Rugs” and watch that person become a stan right before your very eyes. 

Anyways on to the review. 

"PARTYNEXTDOOR" was released a little over a year ago. Many of us have been bumping it non stop since it came out. Not to mention songs like "Persian Rugs" and "West District" which could set your house on fire if you’re not careful. 

Unlike the first tape this album seems to be a lot less influenced by hip hop. PND really experiments with traditional vocals and also using different flows such as the Migos flow which can be easily noticed on “Recognize”. Really what we have here is truly unique sound.  PND’s voice is really what sets him apart from most artist and unlike his previous tape he was able to sing with more range. On songs like “East Liberty” this was clearly evident. PND used a falsetto tone that we didn’t even know he was capable of. Also not to mention that this song is perfect for the upcoming 2014 cuff season so shoot those shots ladies and gentlemen. Anyways, PND has really shown growth over the past year. I feel like the biggest improvement we’ve seen is the production of the tracks. “SLS” shows his growth and ear for good music. I mean he sampled Dru Hill and mixed it so well with his own sound. On “Sex On the Beach” Party Vandross blesses our ears with such a smooth production along with such great vocals that will inspire you to take you s/o to the beach right now. This song is just romantic but in like a kind of crude PND way. 

Overall this album is very smooth from start to finish. Songs like “Options”, “Thirsty” and “Bout It” really stand out in my mind. Let me tell you a story about the first I heard Options I suddenly found myself floating in the center of the universe where everything became clear. It was like I witnessed the big bang happen. My headphones suddenly burst into flames. This song is instant classic. This may just be me being a stan but the this song is just too fire. This song should have come with have come with a warning that your speakers and headphones might spontaneously combust. Then you have “Thirsty” which has so many quotable lines. This song is the kinda song that makes you want to compose an iMessage, think better of it, then delete it. But then again most Party songs have that effect. 

I wish I could highlight what i found great about every song but would quickly turn into an essay rather than a review. This album is extremely solid from start to finish. It doesn’t do anything extraordinary but PND has really refined his sound. Young Jahron Brathwaite has a bright future.

Verdict: 5/5

A flawless sequel to an almost perfect debut. 

"PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO" is available now on iTunes